Zhejiang Yinfeng Automation Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in CNC spring machinery and peripheral equipment research and development, design and marketing of high-tech enterprises, with two decades of production history. All our systems and servo motors were introduced in Japan, Taiwan, mature technology manufacturing and direct use of its related products. My company has a high-precision delivery lines, forming action stability, accurate and pleasant appearance of new features, the majority of customers, equipment sales for many years ranked the highest in the industry.
Our existing YF-8322, YF-8335, YF-8345, YF-8545, YF-8350, YF-8560, Octopussy cam spring machine, YF-8208, YF-8212, YF-8616, YF-8620, YF -8630, YF-8645, YF-8660, YF-8680, YF-86100 computer spring machine, YF-1225, YF-1245, YF-1260, YF-1280 free cam computer spring machine, 7-80,7- 12-3D steel wire forming machine, YF-822, YF-835 PC screw kit.
All kinds of high precision springs needed equipment for our needs in many industries, production of electronics, toys, electrical appliances, sports equipment, cars, stationery, equipment, instruments, hair ornaments, handicrafts and so on, can produce different specifications sheet shrapnel , spring and so on. In the future in an increasingly competitive market, the Yinfeng will continue to Bing Zhi: "technology first, quality, caring service," "innovation, the pursuit of excellence," the purpose for the spring industry customers with stable quality, affordable spring production of special equipment.
Our goal
Manufacturing and service quality to meet customer demand for spring machinery technology, serving spring spring manufacturing industry partner, we will continue to develop all my colleagues in the spring to produce more sophisticated machinery, as well as to provide more convenient and efficient technical advice and good after-sales service .