First, the twelve groups of eight independently controlled servo motor station, changing lanes, turn core, send wire, machine-fast (cam machine faster than 50%), for the manufacture of various high-precision contour lines forming, extension spring, torsion spring, double torsion, production faster (than similar products more than 10% block).
Second, precision servo motor reducer directly connected to the transmission mode, to ensure that the high-precision, long life, high stability, and to overcome the low synchronous belt drive stability shortcomings.
Third, the tool holder uses parallel twin rail slider, long-term high accuracy, high rigidity.
Fourth, simple operation, friendly interface, the computer automatically detects the whole health status and alarms.
Fifth, high-precision wire feed gear box manufacturing process, maintain a permanent wire feeding accuracy.
Sixth, the wide range of applications: electronics, toys, electrical appliances, sports equipment, cars, tableware, supermarkets, stationery, equipment, instruments, hair ornaments, handicrafts and so on.
Seven high torque planetary gear for transmission, has the best stability and accuracy. The main components imported, have a higher life expectancy and long-term accuracy.
Specifications and parameters:
Model YF-1125
Wire 0.2-2.5mm
The maximum feed line command value 10000.00mm
Minimum delivery line command value 0.01mm
The maximum feed line speed 100m / min
The maximum feed line length infinite
Axes 12 axes
Total power 13000w servo motor output
Input voltage 380V
Process data storage capacity over 2000
Pressure system (air) 5-6KG / cm
Pneumatic system (probe) 3
Mechanical Dimensions 1000x1600x1800mm
Machine weight 1800KG