Overview: The unique non-cam and a rocker design, individually controlled by a plurality of sets of servo motors, can produce a variety of special-shaped spring, compression spring, double torsion spring, battery spring, flat spring (Clockwork spring) and various lines molding. Precision accurate, machine-fast, stable and reliable.
Functions and features:
First, no cam, rocker design (Tuning cam machine faster than traditional fast of more than 50 percent, production speed, accurate positioning, stable operation).
Second, the whole rolling guide, long-term to maintain accuracy.
Third, no collision hair and fever, composite tools to complete all processes, tool wear and tear points.
Fourth, intelligent modules, automatic detection and alarm.
Five, Windows Windows operating Chinese and English display, easy to use.
Sixth, the domestic original use camera to take pictures to detect and can automatically correct function, to better improve the precision of the machine
Specifications and parameters:
Model YF-1245
Wire 1.2-4.5mm
The maximum feed line command value 10000.00mm
Minimum delivery line command value 0.01mm
The maximum feed line speed 100m / min
The maximum feed line length infinite
Axes 12 axes
Total power 24000W servo motor output
Input voltage 380V
Process data storage capacity over 2000
Pressure system (air) 5-6KG / cm
Pneumatic system (probe) 3
Mechanical Dimensions 2200x2200x2200mm
Machine weight 3800KG