First, twelve sets of servo motors independently control eight stations, turn the core wire feeding, turn the song, changing lanes. Machine-fast (cam machine faster than 50% faster than similar products in more than 10%).
Second, imported servo motors and precision ball screw drive way, to ensure the precision, long life, high stability.
Third, the tool holder using heavy-duty dual rail slide parallel to ensure high rigidity.
Fourth, simple operation, friendly interface, the computer automatically detects the whole health status and alarms.
Fifth, high-precision wire feed gear box manufacturing crafts, maintain a permanent wire feeding accuracy.
Six core surrounded by wide application, suitable for the production of a variety of special-shaped springs, wire forming, extension spring, torsion spring, flat spring, scroll springs and the like.
Specifications and parameters:
Model YF-1245
Wire 1.2-4.5mm
The maximum feed line command value 10000.00mm
Minimum delivery line command value 0.01mm
The maximum feed line speed 100m / min
The maximum feed line length infinite
Axes 12 axes
Total power 24000W servo motor output
Input voltage 380V
Process data storage capacity over 2000
Pressure system (air) 5-6KG / cm
Pneumatic system (probe) 3
Mechanical Dimensions 2200x2200x2200mm
Machine weight 3800KG