Mechanical characteristics and functions:
First, Taiwan imported computer control system and imported servo motor.
Second, computer-Chinese interface, easy operation, accurate positioning, the computer can control three to eight servo motors, all can be synchronized or run separately.
Third, with a precision of detection and tracking system installed, if substandard products can automatically shut down.
Fourth, according to the work on the screen, you can substandard products can automatically shut down.
Fifth, mechanical automatic Automatic lubricating oil designed to ensure prolonged exercise equipment.
Six, when the wireless, broken, wrapped wire and wire frame design automatic shutdown automatic acceleration features to make production more easily and efficiently.
Seven, for the production of straight spring, pagoda spring, extension spring, rectangle spring, wire forming, steel skin scroll spring, spring, and all kinds of fancy spring, demanding complex shaped spring.
Technical Parameters:
Number of axes 6 axes
Wire 0.3-2.0mm
The maximum outer diameter of 30mm
Wire feed speed 0-104m / min
Maximum production speed 350 / min
Group 2 cylinder probe
Foreign economic servo power (1) 0.4KW
The outer diameter of the servo power (2) 0.4KW
The servo power cutter (1) 1.0KW
Servo power cutter (2) 1.0KW
Delivery line servo power 2.9KW
Pitch-axis servo power 0.4KW
Power supply three-phase 380v
Machine weight 400Kg
Mechanical Dimensions 1300x800x1800mm